Hutton Vale Farm Sheep

Sheep have grazed freely across the paddocks of Hutton Vale Farm for over 160 years. The White Suffolk Merino cross is strong and resilient, which is very well suited to the farm’s environment. The farm manages a closed flock and all lambs are born on farm. With the focus on quality and superior flavour, we maintain a small-scale operation and pursue a no stress philosophy in raising our livestock. With a happy and contented life for them our priority, being raised in a stress free manner allows the flavour of our lamb to shine through and the meat to be tender. This means low stocking rates, careful handling and respect for every action in the process of a living animal to portioned lamb.

You can find Hutton Vale Farm lamb at a number of local Barossa restaurants, and we have a small selection of cuts available for purchase each week. Contact us for more information and to check availability.



Barossa Trust MarkHutton Vale Farm Lamb is an inaugural recipient of the Barossa Trust Mark.

The Barossa Trust Mark is your assurance that the food, wine or tourism offering you are choosing is one that meets a standard of excellence, on which you can rely. To find out more about the Barossa Trust Mark visit


Interesting fact: Pasture fed lamb has a better nutritional value than grain fed lamb, being higher in vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene. Conjugate Linoleic Acid (CLA) is also higher in free grazing lamb, with less fat than grain fed. CLA may help combat diabetes, reduce clogging of arteries and inhibit cancer cells.